Generator and Alternator

  Also Available with Greaves Cotton , HMT & TATA Engines
Silent Gen-set Lall -king Alternator Powered with Lall-King engines
or Ashok Leyland or any other make Engine

Semi Brush Type Alternator /Generator for


Alternator Suitable For Every Tractor To Run / Agricultural Tubewell Motors

TYPE Screen protected Lall-King alternators are two type
TRF Transformer type statically excited, Self regulator (Voltage regulation + 5%)
CPD Compound type Self excited, Self regulator without transformer. (Voltage regulation + 10%)
RATING Three phase 400/200 volts, 50Hz , 4 wire, 0.8Pf.
Single phase, 230V, 50Hz, Upf. (Rpm-1500)
ARMATURE  Is of high frade silicon steel laminations heavily pressed, keyed & clamped  with heavy plates on both sides to the shaft by hydraulic press.
POLES The steel laminated field poles are pressed by hydraulic press, securely ribbed & bolted to M.S. Yoke.
BALL BEARING Of adequate capacity are fitted to ensure trouble free running.
TERMINALS Pillar type Bakelite  terminal plates are fitted.
CABLE  Heavy duty cables are used in each alternator.
COOLING  Is arranged by an aluminium fan which is provided by an steel sheet screen.
SLIPRINGS Of special copper bronze metal are used.
TESTING Each alternator & gen-set is thoroughly tested.
PANEL Is made of heavy duty M.S. Sheet & complete with heavy duty wiring & having following instruments.


Three Phase Single Phase
A) Volt meter One One
B) Amp. Meter Three One
C) Indicator Three One
D) HRC Fuses Three Two
E) Terminal Plate One One
Up to 31.2 Kva direct meters & C.T. operated meters are fitted, except these instruments if any other instrument required can be fitted on extra cost.
GEN SETS Up to 20 KW are coupled to Lall-King Alternators & Engines on M.S. Channels. (For Engine specifications see our engine catalogues.)