Type : Vertical totally enclosed, Compression, ignition , four-stroke cycle, cold starting, water-cooled diesel engines.
COMBUSTION : Open type combustion chamber in an aluminum alloy piston in combination with long-stem nozzle, resulting in low fuel consumption and easy starting .
FUEL SYSTEM : Fuel is supplied to the fuel pump by gravity feed through the fuel tank and an efficient paper element filter.
SPECIFIC FUEL CONSUMPTION : DM 10:11.5 liters, DM20:20 liters.
FUEL TANK CAPACITY : TVI-6.5 liters, TV2 – 11.5 liters.
LUBRICATION : Force feed lubrication to connecting rod large end bearings. Others workings parts are splash lubricated. Lubricating oil stringer is provided for cleaning the lubricating oil.
LUB. OIL SUMP CAPACITY : Dm10: 3.75 liters, Dm20.7.2 liters, at higher level mark on dipstick
COOLING : Engine cooling can be arranged for run through water supply or with ratation or with cooling tank.
GOVERNING : Class ‘B1′ for industrial applications class’A2’ for genset application.
ROTATION : Standard rotation is clockwise while facing the flywheel.
STARTING : Hand start.
DRIVE : Standard power take-off is fro the flywheel end . In case of special requirement, power take -off from gear end at half engine speed, can be provided.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT : Starting handle, exhaust silencer, air cleaner and tools.
OPTIONAL : Flexible coupling, pulley key type or drum type, water cooling arrangement extension shaft for the flywheel end, clutch kit, foundation bolts, radiator kit at the flywheel end the flywheel end.

Engine Model DM 10 DM20
No. of  Cylinders 2 2
Bore x stroke (mm) 102 x 116 102 x 116
Cubic capacity – lit (cc) 9489 1896
Compression ratio. 17.51 17.5:1
Rated output kw (hp)
as per IS: 10001-1881 or
BS: 5514 or ISO : 3046
1500 rpm 7.4
Torque kNm (kgm)
at full load
crankshaft drive
drive1500 rpm
overall dimensions of std. engine (mm) L x W x H 617x 532x 850 685 x 532 x 850
Crankshaft centre height (mm) 203.2 203.2
Dry weight of engine with genset flywheel – kg 196 297


ALTERNATOR                    ENGINE

Maximum cureent
    PH PF EFF% Engine Type  Apll. Code H.p at 1500 rpm
25.0 1 1 84 Dm10 D1. 1003 10
31.5 1 0.8 75 Dm10 D1. 1003 10
10.4 3 0.8 84 Dm10 D1. 1003 10
20.5 3 0.8 84 Dm20 D2. 1002 20
(Specifications subject to change without prior notice)

PH = Phase; PF = Power Factor; Efe + Alternator Efficiency.
Power requirement of engine is corresponding to alternator efficiency indicated.
Max. current is calculated at 240 V for three phase and 415V for three phase alternator.
(Specifications subject to change without prior notice)
(AS continuous improvements are contemplated the descriptions and illustrations are not binding)